Genetics (up to chapter four) written by Caitlin Yatsuhashi

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Hey so I made some changes. Now I divided the story up by chapter so it reads more like a book. Every time I add on I will add on by chapter this way it will read more like a book. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Mai’s POV

Dear Diary,

“There is a certain loneliness that exists within me. I don’t know how to explain it, but It follows me like echoes of people reminiscing over their past.

I often wonder what it means to truly be human. Can I even consider myself one? Some people call it a gift to remember everything. They say I am lucky, special even. But I am not. I am cursed. Cursed to live a life of hell. Tramped in a past that I am forced to relieve each and every day. I am nothing but a mutation.

I never introduced myself. Sorry it’s just lately my thoughts have been spinning in the direction of the past. Not just recalling a tragic past, but reliving it. Anyway my name is Mai. I am a fifteen years old physically although psychologically, I feel years beyond fifteen. Around age three children start to developed their long term memory. I developed mine at age two. Humans remember moments in their life, and their reaction to them. They remember feeling emotion, but they never relive the emotion. I do. And I remember everything.

Family. They are supposed to there to hold you hand, and help you through everything. My family doesn’t do this. They are dead. I now move around foster homes. I go through them like they are candy. I don’t think I have ever stayed in one place long enough to have friends. Real ones. Every time someone realizes I am not normal, I am forced to move on again. The way I think of it is if I just keep pushing, this depressing way of life will pass. I keep longing for the day when I will no longer be considered a stupid adolescent teen. I am forced to live my life as a lie. Go to school, do homework, eat, sleep, repeat. Teachers always say this sick stupid charade will prepare us for the real world. But the truth is it doesn’t prepare you for what’s really out there. Until you have been chained to a wall and watched a murderer put a gun to your fathers head, you are delusional and completely unprepared. ”
From, Mai

Chapter Two
Mai’s POV

My teacher snatches the paper out of my hand and rips it up. Snapping me out of my stupor. I guess it’s a good thing. Diary’s never worked for me anyways. I tried very hard to return my attention to the board, but the boredom creeps in and I find my thoughts dangerously starting to wander.

Bam. It was happening again. I jump up out my my seat, and bolt for the door to leave the classroom. I double over, and then my world goes dark.

I was in an alley. The date was January 15 2017. I was eleven. My parents stood in front of me holding hands, laughing and kissing. I had to walk fast to keep up with their long strides. My father looked over his shoulder and called to me telling me hurry up. I jogged over to him. We had gotten lost on the way to Grand Central. If we didn’t hurry we would miss our train. Behind me I heard a click on the pavement. We weren’t the only ones who were lost.

A snow coated frozen hand then wraps around my waist, pulling me backward. I let out a strangled cry of surprise, but an icy hand covers my face muffling the sound. I am dragged back into the blackness. While my parents still are laughing and kissing in the snow.

The darkness is unbearable. I stand chained to the wall like a dog on the leash. Waiting. Waiting for death to open her doors or for someone to save me. Surely my parents are on their way now.

The man who had taken me had melted back into the shadows as soon as I was chained. Where had he gone? My question was answered by a loud shout. It sounded like my dad. He must have found them. My hands became clammy with anticipation. Another shout cut across the inky blackness. This one was deep. Not my fathers voice.

A sicking sliding sound slithered its way to me. Halting at my feet. Squinting I look down at my dad. He was beaten to a pulp and didn’t have enough strength to even try to defend himself. The clicking of foot steps melt out of the shadows. This time I was not fooled. It was him. The man with the icy hands. The one who had chained me here and beaten my father to near death.

His cold eyes glint in the darkness. I keep my eyes on his face. Another loud click pierces the night. This one is not the clicking of footsteps. It’s the click of a gun that is now ready to fire. I look at my dad, kneeling pathetically. A look of horror crosses my face. The gun is now pointed at his head. The man, or should I say murderer looks me in the eye, then pulls the trigger.

All I know is screams are filling the air. I think they might be mine. Yes they are mine.There is a pool of blood oozing from my fathers head. He lays sprawled out, his body broken and bleeding on the ground. I am alone. Listening to the screams of me, a wild animal, out of control.

My mother appears. She walks to me timidly. The sight of my dead father is just to much for her. Colors of purple and blue cover her face distorted by her tears fresh with sorrow. Behind all that, she wears an expression of pure terror. We are no alone.

That monster with the icy hands is back. This time he wears a sly smile on his face. With complete deliberation in his movement he whisks my mother up in his arms, twists her around, than forcefully bangs her head against the ground. Now she will die.

My mothers breaths are heavy. Her heart rate is slowing. She is fighting death. I can tell. She gives a small shutter then speaks. “Mai you hold the key to unlock the truth. Don’t let them kill you before you release it. You are safe for now because you are only eleven, but when you turn thirteen, they will come for you. They will try to find you and kill you. Run. Run fast and be brav–.” The murderer cuts her off. He once again pulls the trigger. This time aiming right for her heart.

She dies instantly. The murderer looks at me and says, “this will be you in a few years.” He lets out a mad cackle and then melts into the shadows. This time for good.

I stand for hours before anyone finds me. My body is numb with cold. Snow covers every inch of me. But I can’t move. All I can to is stare. Stare at the bodies that were once my parents.

I don’t notice them taking off the chains. They ask my if I’m okay to walk. I robotically tell them I am fine, but after two dizzy steps I fall and my whole world fades to black.

Chapter There
Mai’s POV

Another flashback. It happened again. I stand hunched over, trying to hold myself together. My voice is gone. Probably from the screams. I am very lucky nobody saw this. Taking deep shallow breaths, I slowly put myself back together. As soon as I am composed enough, I make my way back to the classroom.

I look pale and sickly. A cool sweat drenches my forehead. I don’t have to look at the faces of my peers to know they are looking at me with expressions of shock. I haven’t even been here a month. Looks like I will have to move on soon.

My teacher starts ranting on and on about how we are not aloud to leave the classroom. I said it earlier and will say it again; I can’t wait until people stop treating me like a stupid adolescent teen, and start treating me like I’m actually a human being. Well maybe not a human being. I don’t even know if I qualify to be one.

The bell rings sometime later signaling the end of the period and the end of the day. Robotically I trudge to my locker to gather my books and coat.

The day was warm. Far to warm for a coat. I through the useless thing over my shoulder and begin the long walk back to my house. People pass by me left and right barely bothering to glance up. I follow this example. Soon my feet have take my to the path that will lead me “home” or back to my foster parents.

The trees in front of me seem to part as make my way through the forlorn gloom. Quite a contrast to the hustle and bustle of the colors that whip around me on the streets leading up to this path. Silence encases me like a tomb. All was still. Like death.

Out of nowhere there is a rustle. A click of foot steps follows. I whip my head around frantically looking for the source. My eyes find him. A sly man with the beady black gleam in his eyes walks to me. He send shivers up my spine. I should move, run, run fast, but my feet are glued with fear.

His grin widens into a crazed smirk of madness. I know him. He was the one who murdered my parents four years ago. He was here to murder me. But what information did I have that he wanted? It all made no sense. None of that mattered now though. He was going to try to kill me.

I had to escape. I had to get away even though there was no escape. He now had me pinned to the ground. The bullet of his gun was ready to fire. I squeeze my eyes and await death.

Death didn’t come. But someone else did. He came sprinting through the woods full force at my murderer. He then hurled his body on top of the man of ice, tackling him to the ground. I pick up the gun, and without hesitation I fire.

Silence. It seems endless. The boy in front of me looks at me with awe, shocked that I had just killed another being. Collecting his thoughts he cleared his throat and began to speak.
“I have been searching for you ever since your parents deaths. Your a hard girl to find Mai Singer.” He said with a slight smile. “I’m Tran. And you, you are one of us.”

“One of us” what could that mean I thought. And how could he possible know my name? Could he also be a mutation? Questions flooded my mind. Ones only this attractive boy, Tran could answer. I was sick of living in the dark. I needed to be brought into the light, and Tran could do that for me.

Chapter Four
Tran’s POV

It’s hard to believe the girl I spent months looking for was finally standing in front of me. Mai was her name. She reminded me of all the beauty in this world. Her blond hair flowing in the wind, her rosy checks and pale skin, her piercing green eyes staring at me waiting for me to break the silence that had once again fallen.

Mai was like me, a genetic mutation. My checks blushed at the thought of what we could become. She was like me. She, Mai Singer understood what no other person could possibly hope to understand. She understood what it was like to be a mutation.

Sighing, I break the silence. “I know this is a shock, but there are others out their like us–mutations. They are starting to gather to form an army to defeat the Waru. The Waru are a group of people sent out to kill us and you especially. That man you just killed is one of them. The army we are raising will be used to stop them from killing us all. Despite the fact we are mutations, we are still human and have a life that is worth living. Look I know this is a lot to comprehend, but Mai we need you. You have a piece of information that will help us end our suffering. We can protect you and train you to. Please join us.”

She stares at me for a second and hesitates. “Tran I don’t know. How do I know I can trust you? And what information could I possible have about the Waru?” she said trying out the word. ” I mean I have more questions than answers, but you seem to have the answers.”

I expected nothing less from her. She wanted to trust me, but didn’t know of it was safe to. Years on the run tends to make them hesitant. That meant there was only one way to prove to her I was on her side. My hand finds it’s way into my pocket. My finger clench around a necklace. I pull it out. It was made of platinum, and engraved in it was Mai’s family crest. ” You mother gave this to the organization about a week before she died. She said you were not quick to trust, and would only help us if we showed you this. Here.” I said tossing her the necklace.

After a several minutes her eyes find mine wide in agreement. “Okay,”she says. “I’ll help.”


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